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Our commitment is to be your financial services advocate and develop a strong foundation and customized strategy for your financial plan.Our commitment is to be your financial services advocate and develop a strong foundation and customized strategy for your financial plan. Through our proactive investment management strategy we monitor and adjust to your needs as they change throughout the years.

M. Brown & Associates, Ltd. (MBA) is uniquely positioned to assist our client’s with their financial needs. MBA is a boutique firm that brings together a variety of independent affiliates to work as a team to make the complexities of financial planning understandable. We create practical solutions to help solve your financial problems.

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  •  We are an Independent. We are not tied to any particular product or company.
  •  We have 4 Financial Advisors that include over 100 years of experience.
             1. In House Money Manager
             2. 2 Certified Financial Planners (CFP)
             3. 3 Staff Members. (2 members have over 20 years with the firm)

  •  We work with independent custodial & clearing firms: TD Ameritrade, Pershing, & Schwab
  •  Work with Independent Attorneys and other Professionals
  •  Work with Independent Third Party Administrators for Retirement Plans
             1. Assist to determine the most appropriate retirement plan.
             2. Assist to determine the most appropriate investment vehicle.
             3. Assist with new, proposed & current Rules & Regulation

  • We adhere to the 7 Principals of the FPA Code of Ethics and the CFP Fiduciary Standard.

M Brown & Associates believes that when providing any services or advice our clients’ interests must come first. This allows for our professionals to operate with fiduciary accountability. We understand that our clients want to work with people and companies who care about them first and their own balance sheets second. We feel that putting a client first is the right way to work.

  •  Being Independent we have access to the universe of the available products.
             1. Mutual Fund Companies
             2. Investment Companies
             3. Insurance Companies
             4. Annuity Companies

  •  MBA is privately owned and was originally established in 1988.

Plan Sponsor (Employer)
  •  Maintain contact with plan sponsor to ensure company satisfaction
  •  Ensure plan sponsor can carry out their responsibilities
  •  Act as the plan’s contractor or coordinator.
  •  Ability to act as a third party money manager for the plan
  •  Interact with Independent Third Party Administrator
  •  Work with Plan participants
  •  Ensure employee understanding and participation in plan
  •  Offer education regarding the plan and other important financial planning issues that affect retirement.
  •  Education on the New Department of Labor compliance requirements and fee disclosure.

Plan Provider (Investment Company)
  •  Ensure they do what is expected of them on behalf of the plan sponsor.

MBA Staff
  •  To help set up the original plan and assist with ongoing needs.

M. Brown through Third Party Administrators is able to design a retirement plan specific to a client’s needs. Understanding our client’s needs enables us to determine the appropriate plan. (401k plan, a defined benefit, a cash balance plan, or safe harbor profit sharing trust; or maybe the client should use a Simple IRA). M. Brown will also help you to maximize your plan benefits for key employees and owners, using cross testing or the new comparability rules. MBA helps the plan sponsor during the entire process. We provide the answers to the question; what is the right plan for me?

M Brown is able to compare the costs and “features” of the plans. Through plan providers we can assist with benchmarking, comparing funds, fees, and expenses. Being independent means we are not locked into any 1 product or tied to a particular company. We offer our clients “objective” advice.

M. Brown can customize the investment choices, including our in house money manager to offer a higher level of investment management. We are uniquely positioned to help our clients be comfortable with their retirement savings knowing that someone is managing their funds daily.

M. Brown brings together a number of advisors, money managers and independent third party administrators, and plan providers to create the most comprehensive and informative relationship for a plan sponsor.

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