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Professional Services

Alan E. Lechowicz & Associates, Ltd.
Attorney at Law - Estate documents
Al Lechowicz

[email protected]

Mel Fein
Corporate & General Law

[email protected]

Paul & Debbie Lucas

Property Casualty Insurance

[email protected]

Fitzgerald Law Office

Michael J. Fitzgerald, J.D.

[email protected]

Dean A. Scott & Associates

Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll & Tax Services
Joseph M. Scott

[email protected]

Lauren Weldon Attorney
Margolis Weldon
350 S Northwest Hwy Suite 300, Park Ridge, IL 60068

M Brown & Associates is proud to recommend the services of other local businesses.ARS Pension Performance
Brad Donaldson
Administrative Retirement Services

Asset Mutual Mortgage
Adam Karno
708 532 2500 [email protected]

IT Services
847 551 4626

Everyday Matters, Co.
Karen Waxer-Hytrek

Business and Life Management Advisor
773-262-0734 office  |  312-209-0654 cell
[email protected]

Zach Hesselbaum
Law ElderLaw
[email protected]