By: Charles Brown, M. Brown Financial Advisors, June 22, 2020

I am stock market bull.  I have come to terms with that reality.  I always thought I was impartial to the moves in the stock market like I was when I was a trader.  As a trader you have to always be ready to pounce on the next market move, whether it’s to the upside or the downside.  A bias in either direction will cloud your view.  But now that my trading days are over, I have realized that I am stock market bull.

Even though I am a bull, I am careful not to bias the market news that I intake every day.  I read a wide range sources on a daily basis: perma-bulls, perma-bears, evidence-based, technical analysis, etc.  If you ask me on any given day, I can give you the bullish case AND the bearish case for many asset classes.  I try, and hopefully succeed, at thinking objectively about the financial markets.

But I want stocks to go UP!!!  I don’t always think stocks will go up, but I want them to!  I think it all comes down to the fact that I want my clients to make money so that they can reach their financial goals.  I don’t have 700 clients like some other advisors so I get to know each client on a personal level.  My clients are like friends and family to me – I want them to succeed!

For them to succeed, I need stocks to go up over long periods of time.  For that to happen, I need companies to innovate and create value for their shareholders.  I need countries to have growing economies with low unemployment.  I need countries to have free markets with minimal trade restrictions.  I want peace and prosperity.  I want GOOD things to happen to the global economy!

I often wonder about bearish investors.  I put myself in their shoes sometimes to see what it feels like.  What do they want?  Let’s take someone who has been bearish on stocks since 2009.  Or maybe someone who has been short the market or sitting in cash during the amazing rally we have seen over the last 50 trading days in global markets.  Really any bear will do.

What do they want?  Do they want a resurgence of CoronaVirus to shut down the economy in the Fall?  Do they want even more workers, both here and abroad, to lose their jobs due to CoronaVirus?  Do they want recent protests over the death of George Floyd to become bloodier than they already have been?  Do they want a global war to break out between the US and China?

Those are some pretty messed up things to be cheering for in my opinion.  Imagine wishing for horrible things to happen and then being upset when they don’t (or happy when the do).  I feel bad for the people who are rooting for those terrible things just so that they can be “right”.  So I quite like the “positive-ness” of being a bull.   I want good things to happen to my clients and to our country – to our world!  If that makes me a bull, then I am a bull.

*The above article is informational in nature only and is not a recommendation to buy or sell securities.  All information is gathered from sources believed to be reliable, but neither Charles Brown nor Ausdal Financial Partners, Inc guarantees the accuracy of the information.  All investments carry a degree of risk.  Individuals should consult with their tax and investment professionals before making changes to their investment portfolios.

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